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Jogo Bingo is an Online Multiplayer Bingo Game. Come join our chatrooms where it is fun to play and talk with other players. Make real friends. Jogo Bingo can be played from €0,05 cents up to €0,50 cents. You can also play with a fun-card. This means a free bingo game. It's possible to win real money prizes. JogoBingo is happy with real winners. This bingogame can be played without any downloads. It is an Online Bingo Game. You can play bingo up from €0,05 cents and maximum €0,50 cents with a maximum of 10 bingocards. There will be random super pots. Now there will be extra prize money added to the pattern and full card bingo. Nice an extra high stake. wishes You good luck and lot's of fun. Play now.
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When You click a banner or link the game will load and You enter the login screen. Registered players login here with their username and password. When You are not registered there are 2 options: 1. Play as guest. Click the button 'Play as guest for now'. In the next screen You write down Your 'Guestname and than You click on 'Login'. 2. Ofcourse You have the oppertunity to register inmediately a username. This is completely for free. Click on 'Register'. Registration is not mandatory, but there are some benefits. Registration is also possible while You are playing the game. *The registercode will be sent inmediately by email. After You login You choose a bingoroom. (step 2)


All bingorooms have their own unique name. In every room the game bingo is played. We seperate the rooms by name because there are different prices to play with, the time a round takes, the prizemoney, number of players, etc. How to read this window? Every bingoroom has a non stop 24/7 play round system. After every round there will be a 2 minute break. A game that is at the moment in a break is announced with 'SALES'. This time of break is ment for people to enter the room and/or buy new bingotickets for the next round. (A bingogame that's already running in not marked with 'SALES', but marked with a small purple ball/dot.) have fun playing jogobingo and ofcourse many winnings !!

   Free Jogobingo/Bingolot

Click the banner and play Jogobingo completely for free. Do You want to win bigger prices with Your winnings, than You can very easy take Your money to the payed bingo platforms. Click for this on the rooms with the bets announced.
(free rooms are also in the same list)

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The bingogame You can play here on, is a real multiplayer bingo game. This means You can play bingo with more people at the same time online in the same bingoroom. Inside the start screen is a window where You can choose which bingoroom You want to enter for playing. There are bingorooms where You can play bingo free, for 5 eurocents, 10 eurocents, 25 eurocents and 50 eurocents. The ammount of players that can play in a room is set by price and amount of bingocards You can buy. Theres a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 bingocards per bingo playround.
   The game Bingo
The basic principles of the bingogame is a matter of scratching 24 numbers, which are in a square of 5 by 5 rows and where the middle is always empty. At the top in a vertical line stands the word B-I-N-G-O. The numbers presenting the B-row are the numbers 1 t/m 15, the numbers presenting the I-row are the numbers 16 t/m 30, the numbers presenting the N-row (four plus 1 empty) ere the numbers 31 t/m 45. The numbers presenting the G-row are the numbers 46 t/m 60. And at last the numbers presenting the O-row are the numbers 61 t/m 75. The numbers in a row are just randomly. This is it's possible to make many diferent combinations. There will never be 2 of the same cards during a round. It is possible that there will be bingo at the same time by more different players. This is possible for the pattern but also possible for the full card (BINGO). When there is BINGO at the same time, the prize winning will be equally shared with the winning bingotickets. It is possible You can have 2 or more winning tickets. A player with 2 winning bingocards will, when there is another player with 1 bingocard, get 2/3 of the winning prize money.
   Play bingo for real money
On this bingo website You can play bingo for free and for real money, but You can only win money when you pay for the bingotickets , or with the free to play bingorooms. There are bingoroom with cardprices of 5, 10, 25 en 50 Eurocent. As long as the counter (this You will see in the right upper corner) is busy on the countdown, You will be able to buy a maximum of 10 bingocards. To buy bingocards You can click the buy-button in the upper part of the bingo window. It is also possible to click the button 'buy 1' if You want to buy a ticket (extra). When You click the button 'buy all' than You will buy 10 bingocards with just 1 click on the button. The autobuy button gives You the oppertunity to rebuy the same amount of tickets You bought the round before.. Deposits You van make by clicking the play for real button in the cashier menu right side below the window. After You clicked this button You can follow the instructions on the next window.
   Superpot and free to play bingo

Besides a price for the pattern and a price for the full bingocard, ther is also a superpot. De superpot is completely random and will be announced before the bingoround starts. there will be 25 euro added at the total price winnings of the round. 17,50 euro at the full card and 7,50 euro at the pattern. In the superrounds there is extra money to win without raising the bingocard prices.

When You want to play bingo for free You can click the 'buy 1' button and play a round without any costs. People that play for free have a limited amount of bingocards they can get. When You win real money, You can take this to the payed bingorooms. A new playround starts when the counter (right side upper corner) is back to zero. The counter starts ticking down again after the bingoround is finished.

More information: The price You can win depends on how many people play for real and the amount of bingocards all players bought together. 25% of the money goes to the pattern (this patters is already shown during the round), the other 75% is for the winner(s) with a full card (BINGO). The right upper corner in the window is the place where You can see how much You can win. When theres the oppertunity that more people have bingo at the same time, the prize will be shared. Also will the system look at the amount of winning bingocards You may have bought. When the pattern has a winner of there is a full card, the chatbox will announce this and there will be a special sound hearable. The space at the right side is used for showing how much time there will be left untill the next round and how much You can win with the pattern and full card. Also the most recent winners are shown. Also You see the list of players who are online and the people that play jogobingo or didn't buy any bingocards. All the way down theres a chatbar where You can chat along with other players in the same bingoroom. Many friendships are made past the years. Statisticly it will be like this, the more bingocards You buy the more chance You have to win.

We wish You a lot of fun and luck during Your Jogobingo adventure. BonusGames DuelSpel Dr-Gambler BattleGames EuroGokkast SkillGaming Slot-Plasa CustomGames

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